shown at Grey Projects, 2019

Exhibtion Text by Jason Wee:

Repel Revel” is an exhibition as proposition — what if one way to repeal present impositions on queer lives is to not only reveal future imaginative possibilities for our ways of being, but to revel in them?

We ask, what are our genders after this current time? What would post-authoritarian kinship be like, if we make families after our own unnatural selves? How else will Asia and Southeast Asia change, when our expressions of intimacy, attachment, commitment, sociality, change?

The deep entrenchment of binary gender formations into our descriptions of family, country and capital demands visible, wilder counter-scripts for the flourishing of other lives. We have to deconstruct the naturalisation of gender that the nationalism and capitalism has imposed on our life.

What will they change to? Because we can accept speculation about the future, but can no longer accept the superstition of the present.

The two A1 posters were made with a paper that was sturdy enough to be helf by a nail and soft enough to move under an aircon.

The poster were both hung an inch away from the wall to give a floating feeling.

I understood from the brief, that it was meant to speculate a direction towards the acceptance of gender fludity. I manifested the possibility of this future by exhibiting two artifacts of the future. These two artifacts were titled “Prologue”.

The first artifact was an advertisement from the future. 

Inspired by research on the ayereo community that practises infanticide. In ayereo community,  the woman gives birth by hanging from or sitting on a tree branch. The infant drops from her womb to the soil. However, the birth of the infant is incomplete. The infant is not considered human unless the community accepts it.

“dom” is a organisation born out of this community’s infanticide practice. It envisions how this practice can evolve and exist in our capitalistic society. “dom” can be seen as a neo-ayero community.
A main factor that influences the acceptance of the infant is the community’s ability to raise a new infant well. If they are unable to do so, they bury the baby at the exact same spot. If they are able to see a good future for the baby in their community, they will collect the baby from the soil with their hands. 

The second artifact shows a narrative prologue that teases how “dom” may operate. 

1. “dom” utilises technology such as data analytics to predict an infant’s potential by collecting data from the infant’s family tree.

2A. “dom”  takes this data and build a blueprint to optimize the path of growth for the infant.

3A.  “dom”  acts a middle-man, selling the infant and the blueprint to relevant coporations who bid on these infants, paying for the infant’s path of growth into becoming the coporations’ future employees.

if “dom” is unable to find a potential coporation for the infant, the infant is buried and gives nutrition for the tree to be strong and sturdy. 

Here Dane O. Moritz is providing data of an unborn infant called Lucy Snow to the coporations. These coporations are looking for an infant who can be a prolific dancer in the future. The fate of the infant lies on the bids of the coporations. 

Full installation View of posters