Second Hand Smoke



While researching on love to extend a story about these two adolescent characters, I chanced upon bird songs in a biology book. I was looking at the diagrams of these mating calls. It was interesting to me that birds have an auditory reaction to love and these mating calls are not innate.


︎Monoglyphic Hike


Birds had to actually autotune themselves by the time they reach maturity so that the other birds will heed their call. These behaviours or mating calls is part of their biological development, but humans do not have that bodily development.

︎ Like Two Birds That Want to Meet





Instead of an auditory reaction, humans have an aesthetic reaction which is blushing. Blushing is sort of innate, not necessarily developed overtime like Bird’s voice mechanism.


︎Metabolic Error


In that biology book, there were these diagrams that were like patterns representing somesort of rhythm or intonation of those calls. These images produce new visual representation without an aesthetic purpose. 


︎ Hocket Love



What would images be if it didnt visually represent something but has an aesthetic purpose and to exaggerate that aesthetic purpose?



︎ Plant Velocity (Slow Down)


By injecting commitment to the production of images, I came up with these “love letters” that could be human’s mating calls for a future love. Maybe these letters are just more commited blushings.


︎ Little Albinic Lies

︎Sipping on Some Quiet




The exhibition ran for a week, I created these 7 posters as a commitment to love.




Shown at Y2ARTS, 2019
Installation View of Like Two Birds That Want To Meet