Mind Maze

shown at so-far.online
Commissioned Project

Project Brief:

Sofar returns with their third issue; Blockchain.
Blockchain is mapped onto the Silk Road, via both its historical and contemporary manifestations. Through 2 analogous pairs and 4 eponymous chapters — Kublai Khan and Marco Polo, and Satoshi Nakamoto and Ross Ulbricht (alias "Dread Pirate Roberts") — the issue examines the murky origins of the technology in its most infamous application: Bitcoin. In an effort to destabilise the admittedly “bro”, hyper-masculine space of the blockchain, so-far will commission 4 works of fiction by 4 female writers. These writers will respond to these characters, opening up each chapter to other tangents and queries. Through dialogues and other essays, they eventually lead us out of the fictive, and into the realm of the "legitimate", where blockchain attempts to establish itself as a potent force for good.

I was approached by Sofar to create 1 website banner and 9 instagram posts.

1) Website banner

From their website,
I observed that: 

a)  The banner is the first thing audience encounter before clicking onto the issue

b) The issues are were text heavy

I decided to make a visual that reflects the introductory purpose of the image.

My concept for the design mimics the approach Sofar has taken to tackle the theme Blockchain.

My design would quite literally set the scene of a fictive world.

And that the text will serve as a map to navigate the hyper-masculine maze of blockchain.

Introductory Banner at so-far.online

An adaptation of the Introductory Banner with contributors at so-far.online

2) 9 Instagram posts 

The posts were to inform audiences of this 
upcoming third issue: Blockchain

I observed that Instagram feeds has a ‘block’ composition with their square format

Thus I decided to model a chain to visually 

a) present the 9 posts in a cohesive manner

b) point to the overarching thematic of Blockchain

Instagram posts on @sofaronline